Lunds Bilpool

Lunds bilpool (car pool) is a co-operative society (ekonomisk förening) for co-owning cars. Owning the cars together makes it both cheaper and easier to have access to a modern car. We have cars in various places in Lund (in Swedish).

More about how the car pool works.

What does it cost?

Going to IKEA in Malmö 5 hours, having lunch and buying a new book case costs around 250 SEK (food and book case not included). All fixed costs are included in the membership fee. All car related costs are included in the variable costs.

More about costs.

Book a car

You book a car via the web and then unlock the car with your mobile phone. The following month you receive an invoice based on your usage. If you need to fill up with fuel, you use the organisation’s fuel card and you do not need to use your own money. If you’re already a member you can book your car here (in Swedish).