How it works

The cars are booked via our booking system, either from a computer or from a mobile phone. You will clearly see which cars are available, and you can choose your car and time in a calendar. A preliminary cost calculation can be done, based on the expected driving distance. There is also information about the cars, such as car model, fuel, if the car has a towing hook, the exact parking space and if animals are allowed in the car.

You unlock the car with your mobile phone or your Swedish driver’s licence. Only the person who has booked the car is able to unlock and start it. The distance driven is automatically registered and you will receive an invoice via e-mail the following month. 

Everyone in your household are included in the same membership, and everyone who has a valid driver’s licence are allowed to book our cars and use them. We also allow other drivers, providing that one of our members is a passenger in the car.  Practicing driving is also permitted. 

Lunds Bilpool (car pool) is a co-operative society (ekonomisk förening) and is co-owned by all its members. This means that we have a common ownership responsibility for the organisation and our cars. If you actively participate in the work in the car pool, primarily in a car maintenance group, you will receive a reduction of the fixed fee.

Read more about what it costs here.